Artist's Resume'

Richard Morris
18 Norma Court, Kingston, NY  12401                                                                                                                             (845) 588-0219
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Born: August 23, 1956 in Paterson, New Jersey

BS in Art Education - May, 1978                State University of New York, The College at New Paltz               
Master of Social Work - May, 1991             State University of New York at Albany

One Person Shows:
1985                                                                 One Person Show - Unison Learning Center, New Paltz, NY
October, 2006                                                  Opening of the Medusa Gallery - New Paltz, NY
April  - October, 2007                                     One Man Show – 6-month installation, Trends Hair Design, Kingston, NY
September 27, 2008                                        Celebration of the Arts – New Paltz, NY
November, 2008                                              Grand Opening – One Man Van Buren Gallery, 215 Main St., New Paltz, NY
August 11, 2009                                              Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, Levon Helm Studios, Woodstock
August 18, 2009                                              Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association - Elting Memorial Library, New Paltz, NY
February, 2010                                                One Man Show (Solo Room) Arts Upstairs Gallery, Phoenicia, NY
April, 2010                                                      Star Symbolism – One Man Show VanBuren Gallery, New Paltz, NY
July, August, 2011                                           Solo Show at Caldwell Banker Real Estate, Kingston, NY
July, August, 2011                                           Solo Show at 291 Wall Street, Kingston, NY
March, 2011                                                    Featured Artist of the Month, Catskill Art & Office Supply, Kingston, NY
January, 2012                                                  Solo Show at Kingston Area Library, Kingston, NY
August, 2012                                                   Solo Show, Arts Upstairs Gallery, Phoenicia, NY
July, 2014  to May 2017                                  Solo Show, Ecce Terra Restaurant, Kingston, NY

April - September 2015                                   Solo Show, Gallery 291, Kingston, NY 

Group Shows:
1977                                                               Student Show –SUNY, The College at New Paltz - Honorable Mention
June, 2004                                                      Maya: Illusions & Lucid Truths - Far Fetched Gallery, Kingston, NY
January, 2005                                                 Group Show (Untitled) Far Fetched Gallery, Kingston, NY
July, 2005 - 2016                                           Monthly showing of one or more paintings at Arts Upstairs Gallery Phoenicia, NY
August, 2005                                                 Autogamy - New Century Artists, Inc., Chelsea, NY
September, 2005                                            Autogamy - Highland Cultural Arts Center
September, 2006                                            Anything Goes… - Art Society of Kingston, Kingston, NY
May, 2007                                                      Opening of the Muddy Cup Café – Poughkeepsie, Beacon Artist’s Union
May, 2007                                                      Some Body: Contemporary Views of the Human Form - Mohonk Arts  - High Falls, NY
December, 2007                                             Holiday Cheers! Small Works -   Art Society of Kingston, 97 Broadway, Kingston, NY
March, 2008                                                   Odyssey: Out of State, Out of Country, Out of Mind Art Society of Kingston, NY
May, 2008                                                      African Inspirations - Art Society of Kingston, Kingston, NY
November, 2008                                             Doctors Without Borders Auction, Los Angeles, CA
November, 2009                                             Small Gems, Art Society of Kingston, NY
December, 2009                                             Holiday Studio Sale Home Studio, New Paltz, NY
March, 2010                                                   Abstract Art Art Society of Kingston, NY
April , 2010                                                    Kick-off for the 2010 Art Along the Hudson, Dorsky Museum, New Paltz, NY
May, 2011                                                      Phoenix Rising Art Auction for the Phoenicia Library, Phoenicia, NY
September, 2011                                            Open Air Paint Out – Best in Show Unison Arts, Water Street Market, New Paltz, NY
October, 2011                                                Two Man Show at Art Society of Kingston, NY
August, 2013                                                  Figurative Show –People’s Choice Award, Art Society of Kingston, NY
August, 2013                                                  Kingston Festival of the Arts –Open Studio Exhibition, Kingston, NY
January, 2014                                                 Black & White – Art Society of Kingston, Kingston NY
January, 2014                                                 ASK Invitational – Tivoli Artist’s Gallery, Tivoli, NY
February, 2014                                               Erotica – Tivoli Artist’s Gallery, Tivoli, NY                 
February, 2015                                               Erotica – Tivoli Artist’s Gallery, Tivoli, NY

February, 2016                                               Erotica - Tivoli Artist's Gallery, Tivoli, NY

February, 2017                                               Erotica - Tivoli Artist's Gallery, Tivoli, NY

April, 2017                                                     Inner Journeys - Gallery Lev Shalem, Woodstock, NY

Some works by Rich Morris are part of the collections of the following patrons

Donna Fino                                                 Maspeth, NY                             Jeanne Klucsarits                   Maspeth, NY
Alfio and MaryBeth Maesano                    Cragsmoor, NY                         Bridget Ricks Miller               Kingston, NY

Deborah and David Osherow                     Shokan, NY                               Roger and Lillian Spool         New Paltz, NY
John Taylor                                                 Sebastopol, California               Eileen Quinn                          New Paltz, NY         
Suzanne Seghaier                                       Vienna, Austria                          Francine Glasser                    Kingston, NY


Rich Morris lives and works in Kingston, NY.  A 1978 SUNY New Paltz graduate, he has shown his work throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley and in NYC.  Paintings of his are in private collections here in The Hudson Valley, NYC, California and Vienna, Austria.

The current paintings are interpretations of astrophotographs.  The Hubble, Chandra, Spitzer and other deep space telescopes provide brilliant color images of nebulae and other phenomenon around our universe.  These magnificent images led the artist to imagine figures and faces in juxtapositions within the swirling stars and gaseous clouds.

“My work focuses on the eternal nature of the human spirit.  I focus on the mix of randomly occurring forms and colors found in the sky and space.  The blending of human form and nebulous star clouds join to form a natural rhythm that motivates me.  We are united by our origins in the same speck of primordial dust and we return to it in the end.  I am drawn to the stars that flow through the universe."  

"I am inspired by the Symbolist painters (Odilon Redon, Puvis de Chavannes, Walter Crane, Jean Delville and others), the Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt and the Post-Impressionists.  I find a common goal in trying to express timeless ideas in ways that are lyrical and hold the viewer for that extra moment.”

Please take a moment and view each painting as if you had a view of it in deep space.

Rich Morris 

"Self portrait as Stars" 2016